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Community Partners

In the past two years, DineHozho has grown in capacity and our network of resources and supporters has benefitted from the following community partners:

DinéHózhó Partners:

Cameron Chapter

Tolani Lake Chapter

Tonalea Chapter

Leupp Chapter

Coalmine Canyon Chapter

Birdsprings-Tsidi Toii Chapter

Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation

Navajo Nation Division of Tourism

Grand Canyon Trust

Coconino County

Arizona State University School of Community Resources and Development

Arizona State University School of Sustainability

Tolani Lake Enterprises, Inc


DinéHózhó Champions:

Council Delegate Walter Phelps

Coconino County Supervisor Mandy Metzger

ASU Professor Christine Buzinde

University of Arizona Regents’ Professor of Law Rebecca Tsosie

ASU Tribal Relations Assistant Vice President Jacob Moore

As we further our mission to support economic development and community inclusion in all our projects on the Navajo Nation, we continue to welcome and encourage partnerships with governmental and non-governmental entities, nonprofits, associations, educational institutions and small and large businesses.

To become a Community Partner, contact us today!