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About us

Diné[1] Innovative Networks of Economies in Hózhó[2], L3C (DinéHózhó) is the first Low-Profit Limited Liability Company (L3C) incorporated within the Navajo Nation.  DinéHózhó, L3C will support community-based initiatives, local businesses, and social entrepreneurship ventures through creative investment platforms through the low-profit limited liability company (L3C) structure.

[1] Interchangeably used with Navajo. Literally means “the people.”

[2] The idea of striving for balance and harmony together with beauty and order.  To build a business that contributes to the community, an entrepreneur must “walk in beauty” or live in hózhó.

DinéHózhó is transforming the Navajo economy by using traditional indigenous knowledge, applying investment tools to projects on the reservation, and continually seeking innovative solutions with a regional approach.

The Need for a New Economic Model

The Navajo Nation is the largest American Indian reservation in the United States, spanning 27,425 square miles of the Four Corners region of the Southwest. The Navajo Nation faces a 45% unemployment rate and federal policies have promoted resource extractive industries and tribal leaders have supported corporate business ventures versus the underdeveloped small business sector.  Many non-profit organizations, tribal programs, and government entities have made it their mission to change these statistics but even with government funding, technical support, impact assessments, feasibility studies, and financing, these efforts have made very little impact on the Navajo economy overall.

DinéHózhó L3C is taking the lead to bring new investment and development tools to the Navajo Nation.


We aspire to be ecologically and economically sustainable and committed to enduring the Diné life-way principles of Hózhó, environmental ethics, and social conscience.  We seek to enable western Navajo communities to restore, capture, innovate, and interconnect to create a sustainable Diné economy.


We aim to integrate Navajo culture, sustainability, conservation, and local knowledge to realize place-based sustainable economy that upholds Hózhó and Diné principles. We further strive to cultivate seeds of capacity-building, regional empowerment, and economic livelihood that transition toward sustainable communities that improve the Diné quality of life.